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The Water Is Wide You've Got a Friend (version as James Taylor Greatest Hits) You Can Close Your Eyes Steamroller Blues How's The World Treating You Fire & Rain Carolina In My Mind

Guitar Tab

Some customers have asked for a discount for multi buy. Now I have more tabs up, I offer several special deals as shown below:


1. Buy three tabs and get one free (the free one is by request email)


2. Buy six tabs and get four free (the free ones are by request email)


3. Buy 20 tabs at 50% discount - click on this link button


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5. Buy 5 pdfs only of your choice at a discount price


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For Items 1 & 2 please contact me anytime after completing your purchase(s) to say which are the extra tabs you want. (For previous customers I don't want you to lose out so this is a cumulative offer. Just remind me which ones you have already bought.) 

Please note the key information is a midi tab file which will enable you to play the tab in midi so you can both see and hear the guitar notes as they are plucked!  See video midi tab samples to show what I mean. The midi tab file is played on 'Powertab Version 1.7' (for PCs only) or 'Tuxguitar ' (for both PCs and MACs). These are freely available tab writing software programs that allows the notes to be played back in midi so you can hear the tab. The speed can be slowed for learning as well.

Usually I only get round to working out guitar tabs and notation on request, so let me know if there are others you wish to have transcribed and I'll see what I can do. I try and get an accurate representation of my playing  as shown on Youtube. I don't think you can get these tabs or notation anywhere else!

Wild Mountain Thyme

previous feedback from some tab purchasers (see feedback tab for more!)


"Thanks for the tab. I was trying to work it out for myself as other tabs/chords on the net are not very accurate but it would probably take me a year!  I’ll be burning the midnight oil trying to perfect this one using your tab."....Paul (West Midlands)


"!Hi Ian, I receive your e-mail and the tab, perfect :) Take care on the road. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."....Erik (Belgium)

Country Road Never Die Young Only A Dream In Rio My Traveling Star The Frozen Man The Water Is Wide Harmonies Rainy Day Man Something In The Way She Moves

Two of the files are simple tab .html and .doc files which can be read in a web browser or word processor. The third file is  a midi .ptb powertab file. Powertab software can be downloaded here. The final file is a .pdf file which is read in Adobe reader software and shows both tab, notation and the words. Note if you have a MAC computer then TuxGuitar software also opens the .ptb midi file but without any words. TuxGuitar is freely available. The version which requires downloading depends on whether your MAC has a 32 bit or 64 bit processor.

You've Got a Friend (my Youtube version - slightly different to above) Other (Non James Taylor) Anywhere Like Heaven Enough To Be On Your Way Up On The Roof Mexico

feedback email from a recent purchaser:

"Just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Entwistle. I have been looking for "Wandering" for such a long time. No music store in my area had it and it didn't make it to JT's greatest hits books. Not only that, many of the online sheet music outlets are incorrect. Many use the open C chord that I have NEVER seen him use! Thank you for making quality sheet music that I can feel confident in learning the CORRECT way. I'll be buying more from you as I continue studying Mr. Taylor's work. Keep on doing what you're doing!" Very respectfully".... Mike (USA).


The client came back the next day and bought more tabs!

20 JT guitar tabs - 50% discount 20 JT guitar tabs - 50% discount Blossom Handy Man Secret Of Life Copperline 25 JT guitar tabs - 50% discount 25 JT guitar tabs - 50% discount Sweet Baby James (Squibnocket version) Enough To Be On Your Way (Etude intro) Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again She Thinks I Still Care Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Carole King Wandering Walking Man Long Ago And Far Away Sunny Skies Shower The People Only One