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Guitar tab -  Country Road

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As recorded by James Taylor

Transcribed by Ian EntwistleWords and Music by James Taylor

Arranged by James Taylor



0 x x 2 3 2G/D

0 x x 4 3 3G

5 x x 4 3 3C

x 3 x 0 1 0


x 2 x 0 1 0C/A

x 0 x 0 1 0C/D

0 x 2 x 1 xEm7/B

x 2 2 0 3 x


x 0 2 2 2 0Bm

x 2 x 4 3 2


Gtr I (D A D G B E) - 'Guitar'


                 D                 D


   Gtr I

 H    E  E Q     E  E  Q  Q  E E   E E E E E E E E









 C/D        G/D             G

 E E E E Q  Q    +E  Q  E E  E  E  E









 D                   D                 C/D   G/D  D

  E   E  Q  Q  E E   E E E E E E E E   E E E E Q  Q    +Q   E E  E E Q







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